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Q. Can I bring someone with me to the consultation?

A. Yes, by all means. It's often good to have another pair of eyes and ears. COVID has restricted this at times. It's not ideal to bring children though, unless they're the patient of course.

Q. How much will the treatment cost?

A. Once the recommended treatment has been established and discussed you will get a formal quote which will give you the total cost of the treatment and what this includes. The initial consultation is not included in this cost and you will need to pay this first whether treatment goes ahead or not I'm afraid.

Q. How soon can I have treatment?

A. Unfortunately this can't be rushed, regardless of how keen you are. An appropriate date for surgery needs to be planned properly. If it's a bigger procedure at least one more consultation is required too to check the details, explain the risks and go over the recovery plan. A 'cooling off' period before surgery is also really sensible just in case you have a change of heart.

Q. Is it still worth making an enquiry if I know I'm not as healthy as I'd like to be?

A. Yes, definitely. It can be helpful to get advice on what treatments might be suitable for you. Remember that surgery is not a shortcut to good health though. You will certainly need to have stopped smoking before surgery can go ahead.

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